Meet Brian Keen

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Brian Keen

I have always had a history and passion for restoring cars, pickup trucks, and motorcycles. This passion has served me well when it came to restoring the engines in the old wood boats we service. Along with my wood working background it was a perfect match when it came to restoring wood boats.

I began working on wood boats professionally in 2006. Due to my mechanical background I ended up being the lead mechanic at a local wood boat restoration business.

I was the manager of a restoration shop in Florida from 2014 to 2016. I realized that the distance to family outweighed the benefit of living in Florida.
In 2016 I founded Motor Boat garage. I wanted to have a shop dedicated more to personalized service with our customers as opposed to a “Service Ticket assembly line” shop. I have assembled a group of dedicated boat restorers that have many years of experienced wood working skills