Meet Dennis Ryan

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Dennis Ryan

Growing up in northern Ohio with a handyman father and a Mr. Goodwrench neighbor, I learned the skills and confidence to fix almost anything. At age 16, I began building and racing cars at quarter mile dragstrips. The love of fixing, racing and building led to founding and running my construction company for 33 years before joining a local international antique boat sales and service company where I was president for 8 years.

My passion for wood boats led me to be on the Board of Directors of the Antique and Classic Boat Society for 6 years. Being asked to be a judge at the ACBS International Boat Shows has been an honor. It allowed me to learn over the past decade more about the various boat builders, restorers and their building techniques.

Motor Boat Garage has created an environment where there is a desire to preserve and educate. Being asked to work with the team at Motor Boat Garage has allowed me to continue my involvement with antique boats that are being restored and maintained with quality and craftsmanship.