What We Offer


At Motor Boat Garage we are able to handle any kind of refinishing work a customer may need for their antique and classic boat. 

– When a boat arrives for a refinishing, we do a close inspection of the hull before beginning.

– Once the scope of the project is agreed upon with the owner, we will begin the refinishing work. This will include:

 – Stripping the existing finish either Chemically, Mechanically (sandpaper), or as a last resort a Heat Gun.

 – After the finish is removed, we inspect planks for replacement and refastening determination.

– If issues arise that were not seen at the initial inspection we consult with the owner for the best course of action and our recommendations.

– After any needed repairs are made, we then proceed with sanding, bleaching if needed, staining, sealing, and varnish or paint application.

– On stripped decks we will remove the existing seam compound if necessary and re-caulk.