2 Color Staining Antique and Classic Wood Boats

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2 Color Staining Antique and Classic Wood Boats

Over the years I have seen many different staining processes used on covering boards and king planks. Some great, some not so great. I also have seen many painted black since the owner wasn’t sure how to do this. The following process has worked for me for a number of years producing nice warm rich color AND allowing the grain to be visible, especially in the sun.

This information refers mainly to the darker covering boards and king planks of some boats.

I believe the combination of the colors I use work better than just using a walnut stain. I found that the walnut stain can sometimes have a greenish cast in the sunlight after varnish is applied as will plain black sometimes.

A.) Tape off and protect the wood that gets the darker stain and proceed staining the hull sides, transom, and other parts of the decks.


B.) After the normal staining process apply sealer and maybe one coat of varnish. Allow the finish to cure enough so you can then reverse the taped area.



C.) Now apply the filler stain as usual to the wood to be darker with the filler stain that was used on the rest of the boat.


D.) As soon as you have completed staining the boat with the filler stain apply Minwax Ebony Penetrating Stain #2718 on the wood to be stained darker.


I like to use a small roller for this (less splattering) but a chip brush also works. Quickly wipe off the Minwax.




E.) Seal the wood with a separate brush and sealer. Dispose of properly when completed since you do not want to run the risk of using this sealer that now has the MINWAX in it on the rest of the boat or any other boat in the future by accident.

Now the whole boat can be varnished


Once the varnish is completed let it cure then stripe the seams and attach the hardware

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    So very lucky.

    Raise the roof on that resto


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    looking forward to seeing your pictures

    Have a great time!

    See you soon.

    DONT put your foot in the water or they will call you Stubby

    It’s ok for Brian to feed the alligators…..

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    4 months ago

    I would like the name, address and phone number of anybody who has ever fiberglassed a wood boat bottom.  Youre on the naughty list!

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    absolutely not. He's the hero of today. Without his job, the boat would possibly have been scrapped. With the plastic on, the boat could live on til today. So - thank you mr Plastic to save a boat for the future 🙂


    Brian, you need one of these.

    Brian Keen … he is on the naughty list!

    Heaters under the boat and heat it up, easier pull off in full sheets

    There’s a whole lot of them out West

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    I saw a Garwood 4 years ago. Entire boat was done in West system. From 4 feet away you would never of known, had to catch the light just right to see it.

    Richard Harris

    Well sometimes there are 2 choices. Use the boat, have fun with family and friends, or burn it in a bonfire. Life is to short!!

    Really better to re-plank. Fiberglass short term fix and going to add a lot extra weight.

    “ cloth of death” 💀 it is to be considered

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    Worst. Ever. Run don't walk from the chance to buy a boat with that mess on it.

    Works for a while...

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