Sanding Hull Sides, Decks and Transom

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Sanding Hull Sides, Decks and Transom

A.) A random orbital sander with 80 to 100 grit is good for fairing the hull sides, decks, and transom. It also is good for sanding the new bungs flush after chipping them off with a chisel. Follow this sanding with 60, 80, maybe as high as 100 grit sanding by hand with the grain. Take your time and be sure to remove any swirl marks from the random orbital 

sanding. A helpful hint is to LIGHTLY rub a pencil up and down (against the grain) the hull sides.

Then sand until the pencil lines are gone. This assures you of not missing any area of the wood.

B.) Another technique is to do all hand sanding of the hull sides, decks, and transom. This is good because it gives you time to inspect the wood very carefully as you work. After stripping, sand the entire boat with 60 grit, followed by 80 grit, maybe as high as 100 grit. As mentioned earlier, the pencil lines work well. When a plank has been replaced and is surrounded by old wood, do not sand the new wood beyond the 60 grit. This leaves the new wood with more open grain to hold the stain, resulting in a closer color match to surrounding old wood.

C.) Inline power sanding can also be used with the same 3 grits of sand paper.







D.) Be careful not to sand off the boot top markings.


E.) To keep residue from going into the bilge via the vent holes or any other large holes in the deck here is a good tip: Place a Styrofoam cup in the hole then trim the top to fit just below the deck surface. This will catch debris and is easy to replace.


F.) Tape joints to prevent cross-sanding scratches. These scratches may not be noticeable at this time but will be quite obvious when stain is being applied.


G.) Longboards are a big help when fairing the hull sides, decks and transom. I prefer the smaller one. Either one is available from Jamestown.


A smaller sanding block is easily made from a piece of 2×4, then glue a piece of Scotch Brite onto the bottom to act as a cushion


Now that the sanding of the hull sides, decks, and transom is completed it’s time to get ready to stain.

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    Picked up this boat today or should I say I went to pick it up and they picked it up. The boathouse it was in had the roof torn off in a tornado at Indian Lake a few weeks ago. Luckily the boat was unscathed. ... See MoreSee Less

    3 weeks ago

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    Is that a 22 or 25. Hard to tell from the picture

    That’s an unreal place Very sad

    They called the right people.

    No not for sale, that boat has an owner!

    So very lucky.

    Raise the roof on that resto


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    That’s is a big group. πŸ‘πŸ‘

    I was there it was a quiet a site makes me want one

    Come see us this weekend in Tavares Florida for the Sunnyland Boat Show. ... See MoreSee Less

    1 month ago

    Come see us this weekend in Tavares Florida for the Sunnyland Boat Show.Image attachmentImage attachment

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    looking forward to seeing your pictures

    Have a great time!

    See you soon.

    DONT put your foot in the water or they will call you Stubby

    It’s ok for Brian to feed the alligators…..

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    I would like the name, address and phone number of anybody who has ever fiberglassed a wood boat bottom. You're on the naughty list! ... See MoreSee Less

    4 months ago

    I would like the name, address and phone number of anybody who has ever fiberglassed a wood boat bottom.  Youre on the naughty list!

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    absolutely not. He's the hero of today. Without his job, the boat would possibly have been scrapped. With the plastic on, the boat could live on til today. So - thank you mr Plastic to save a boat for the future πŸ™‚


    Brian, you need one of these.

    Brian Keen … he is on the naughty list!

    Heaters under the boat and heat it up, easier pull off in full sheets

    There’s a whole lot of them out West

    Looking like the fun just started

    Post this in the Chris craft group and just sit back and watch the comment thread…. πŸ™‚

    Totally agree, kills a boat.

    Naughty list? Should be banned to an empty island!!

    I saw a Garwood 4 years ago. Entire boat was done in West system. From 4 feet away you would never of known, had to catch the light just right to see it.

    Richard Harris

    Well sometimes there are 2 choices. Use the boat, have fun with family and friends, or burn it in a bonfire. Life is to short!!

    Really better to re-plank. Fiberglass short term fix and going to add a lot extra weight.

    “ cloth of death” πŸ’€ it is to be considered

    Yeah your right you never fiberglass a wooden boat at any time all

    My 18 ft Cavalier came from the factory with the optional fiber glassed bottom. Cost $35 in 1959 according to the hull card and price list.

    Worst. Ever. Run don't walk from the chance to buy a boat with that mess on it.

    Works for a while...

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